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Helping youth, middle schools and smaller high schools.

The Offer

WatchGameFilm will provide every small high school, middle school or youth organization in America with unlimited sport teams and a custom Roku channel for $300/year total!

We care about your community and we understand smaller organizations have limited budgets to pay for things considered non-essential for a sports program. This is why we want to support every team in your organization. There are no contracts, no long term agreements, no additional fees.

This is not a gimmick or one time special offer. This is a permanent price to help your organization. We cover ALL your film needs so you can spend your hard earned dollars on more important things. Is any other partner willing to do the same?

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The Details

Our founder grew up in a small town and attended a school of 300 kids (K thru 12). We understand a small budget, or no budget, sometimes means going without. We also understand the impact of scouting opponents, learning from film, getting recruited, recording memories and building togetherness in the community. We want to help every athletic organization have a successful season.

"I would tell other Athletic Directors: With WatchGameFilm, I have all the tools I need to successfully review, scout and share film without the inflated cost of their competitors."
James Ellis, Principal / Athletic Director, Days Creek High School

What does $300 get us?

  • EVERY sport team in the same building receives their own WatchGameFilm team
  • A custom branded Roku channel for the organization
  • Unlimited film, unlimited users
  • Every feature that WGF offers including Roku, our mobile app, etc.
  • Outfit all your teams; football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, wrestling, track, etc.
  • Chalk Talk allows coaches to breakdown and teach athletes in any sport
  • Every team stores their own film; no more Hudl, YouTube, NFHS Network, Google Drive or even going without
  • If your middle school and high school are in the same building or campus, they receive WatchGameFilm teams as well
"I have been in education and worked as an assistant, head coach, and athletic director over a 19 year period, which has included a large amount of film study and film storage. The majority of my film study and film storage time has involved a relationship with Hudl, which I must say that I became very comfortable with. As an athletic director and head football coach it is always my duty to try my best to give our coaches and players the best opportunity to utilize film in an effective manner that is still cost effective. In the process of trying to find a more cost effective solution I must say that I was pleasantly surprised when I came upon WatchGameFilm. I was very reluctant at first because I never want to compromise quality for price, but switching to WatchGameFilm was a great decision for our athletic department. I would recommend WatchGameFilm to anyone."
Rodney Barr, Athletic Director, Ridgeland Secondary Academy
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Bring your Community Together

Your Roku channel is listed as its own individual channel on Roku's platform and will be available to virtually anyone in the world who has a Roku device.

Fans can simply type in your team name to find your channel from the thousands of existing Roku channels. There is no reference to WatchGameFilm as each Roku channel is unique and independent.

Define your own colors, artwork, categories as well as determine what teams can publish film to your channel. Once your channel is built and deployed, you are able to add or remove any film from the channel. Your Roku channel can store up to 1000 films.

Build and brand the perfect video-on-demand channel for your team and show the world how wonderful your games have been. Your fanbase will be glad you did!


Transfer Film from the Cloud

WatchGameFilm can accept film transfers directly from Hudl, Google Drive, NFHS Network and even YouTube. All you need is the download link of the film.

This is a quick and advantageous way to transfer film into your team as it does not require you to first download film to your device and then upload it again to WatchGameFilm.

Imagine no longer having to do the work of downloading and uploading film throughout the season. Pull your film into a single library that allows everyone to view and share it, mark it up, break it down, essentially work with the film the way they need... exchange, film study, highlights, chalktalk, etc.

"The Hudl transfer worked really well. It was so easy to request a download link from other coaches in our league and then just copy and paste it into WGF. The film was ready to use in no time. Much easier then having to download it to my device and then upload it to a film program."
Joshua Jetton, Prairie Trail Middle School, Olathe KS


Exchange Film with Hudl Teams

WatchGameFilm provides a simple and open way of exchanging film with opponents who may be using a different film management system such as Hudl.

While most of our teams exchange film within the WatchGameFilm platform, we see many teams use Open Exchange when they get to the playoffs and are trading film with teams they normally do not know.

Open Exchange allows a coach to give another coach access to a film without requiring that coach to log on or use WatchGameFilm.

"The process worked great! Was easy to copy and paste the link sent from Hudl and had no issues with the upload."
Aaron Cook, Head Football Coach, Win-E-Mac School District, Erskine MN


Chalk Talk any Sport

Easily create and send coaching videos to anyone, anywhere.

The film you are watching
Your voiced comments added to the film
Your telestration on the film
Packaged into a single short coaching video that can be sent to anyone, anywhere!

Chalk Talk wraps your content into a short MP4 video that can then be sent to your audience for them to immediately watch and learn. No need to log into WatchGameFilm, find the film, go to the play, etc. just to see your comments!

This feature is in beta and currently available to members of our Early Adopter Program. Please contact or text (425) 437-3777 to gain access to this exciting new feature.


More than film

To help you better manage your team and season, we have integrated additional applications into your WatchGameFilm team at no additional cost.

All WatchGameFilm teams include team calendars, playbooks, practice planners, highlight creation tools as well as file management for all your team documents and photos.

Now coaches and athletic departments can better manage team items from a single point of access. Parents and players can download waivers, upload photos they took of the event, create their own highlights, view team calendars and more.

"WatchGameFilm offers so many great features that can be custom fit to any team's needs, so we're excited for our coaching staffs – across programs – to start utilizing it."
Jon Butler, Executive Director, Pop Warner Little Scholars


WatchGameFilm Mobile App

We are working hard to provide our WatchGameFilm community with a true mobile application for all sports.

Our mobile application is currently in beta and early adopters are invited to download and test our application while it is still in development.

Included in our release is a very useful record feature that allows you to use your device's camera and instantly record the action with the click of a button. The video is automatically transferred to WatchGameFilm and posted to your team. Your film will be online and available before you get home!

"The WatchGameFilm mobile app recorded and uploaded my videos with no problem. I got home and they were all there waiting for me. The app was easy to use and the ability to record was super easy."
James Berends, WGF Early Adopter, Huntley IL

For iPad and iPhone devices, our beta application requires TestFlight. Please contact or text (425) 437-3777 if you would like to participate in our Early Adopter Program (no additional cost).

Incomparable Support

Our goal is not to be the biggest but to be the best at supporting our close community of teams and users. We love having you as a customer and we treat you like friends and family. We appreciate your business and are always here to help you have a successful season.

"I am a raving fan of WatchGameFilm. The recent updates have improved the functionality of the program and there is no better value for a film service. When you add in your willingness to give immediate responses and help, we could not be happier with what we are looking for in our partners! Thank you for all you do!"
Tim Quinn, Athena Athletic Warriors, Philadelphia PA

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