More than Film

To help you better manage your team and season, we have integrated additional applications into your WatchGameFilm team at no additional cost. These applications are available to staff, parents and players.


The Team Calendar is your go to spot to keep coaches, athletes and parents on track. Add your complete team schedule including practice times, meetings, parties and more.

Now every member of the team has a consistent spot to check on the next scheduled practice or where the upcoming game is going to take place.

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Our approach to the Playbooks application is to be as open and possible, allowing you to upload many playbooks to your team and breaking them down in a way that is useful to you.

Create your playbooks using your favorite website or playbook application or even using software such as Microsoft PowerPoint or Word. Then upload your playbooks to WatchGameFilm and distribute to your coaches and players.

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Practice Plans

To better organize practices, communicate plans and schedules as well as improve efficiency, we have created the Practice Plans application.

This app is meant to be simple, flexible and most of all useful with little complexity to its design. Assistant coaches and staff will now arrive at practice more prepared since they can view today's practice plan in advance.

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Parents and players can select plays important to them and add to their highlight workspace allowing them to build and share custom highlight videos at a later time.

Within the Highlights app, users can create multiple highlight reels by selecting different clips from their workspace. Highlight reels can then be shared multiple ways including email, social media, web links and direct download.

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Storing your documents on WatchGameFilm allows your team to manage and categorize all of the required documents that a team may need throughout the season. Parents, players and coaches alike can view and access these documents when needed.

Our Documents app is an excellent way for school or club administrators, coaches or team parents to share playbooks, call trees, athletic forms, snack lists, team schedules and more in one place; thus providing all team members easy access to this information.

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Storing your photos on WatchGameFilm allows your team to avoid paying additional charges for other photo services. Parents, players and coaches alike can download and save these photos for free.

The Photos app is an excellent way for a parent or team photographer to share photos of the team in action.

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