Grow your Fanbase

Let the world see your team with our Roku TV add-on package. Fans can watch your games using their TV remote from the comfort of their couch!

"All content will be personally relevant. People will simply not engage with that which is not that interesting. And given that we’re going to have literally millions of additional content producers in the world, millions – millions of additional content producers, people will be able to insist on relevance.

"You say, what is this millions of additional content producers? Well, I’ll give you my own personal example; you’ll find your own. My favorite new content in the world is It’s the video of all of my little son’s American football games. I can watch them all online today. I don’t have to record them. They are professionally produced. There’s a very nice UI. I can start and stop the game, almost like a professional football game."

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO @ 2009 Paris Press Conference

Custom Branded

Let the world see your team with our Roku TV add-on package. Fans can watch your games using their TV remote from the comfort of their couch!

With our Roku TV package, WatchGameFilm teams can have a custom created channel for their team, school, club or league that is 100% branded with their colors and logos.

Multiple teams can be part of a single Roku channel allowing schools or clubs to have one spot for parents, relatives and fans to go and see their favorite team play.

All film is streamed from WatchGameFilm and teams have 100% control of which films they want to push to their Roku channel.

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Build your Channel

Your Roku channel is listed as its own individual channel on Roku's platform and will be available to virtually anyone in the world who has a Roku device.

Fans can simply type in your team name to find your channel from the thousands of existing Roku channels. There is no reference to WatchGameFilm as each Roku channel is unique and independent.

Define your own colors, artwork, categories as well as determine what teams can publish film to your channel. Once your channel is built and deployed, you are able to add or remove any film from the channel. Your Roku channel can store up to 1000 films.

Build and brand the perfect video-on-demand channel for your team and show the world how wonderful your games have been. Your fanbase will be glad you did!

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Let's Get Started

Once you have made the decision to purchase a Roku channel, the WatchGameFilm staff will need to create your Roku channel, configure it and then publish it to Roku. We will work with you to get your team colors, logos, artwork, verbiage, layout, etc.

When your Roku channel is officially published on the Roku platform, you can then automatically publish film to your channel from within your WatchGameFilm team.

Please contact for more information or to sign up and begin building your own Roku channel.