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Unlimited Film. Unlimited Users.
Film Exchange, Highlights, Telestration, Breakdown, etc.
Total Cost: $100 or less
Yowza! Your cost savings quickly add up!

WatchGameFilm offers a simple subscription model... unlimited film for $100 per year or 10 films for free. There are no contracts, no long term agreements, no additional fees.

We cover all your film needs so you can spend your hard earned dollars on more important things. We have not changed our pricing since we started 15 years ago. Can Hudl say the same?

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Incomparable Support

Our goal is not to be the biggest but to be the best at supporting our close community of teams and users. We love having you as a customer and we treat you like friends and family. We appreciate your business and are always here to help you have a successful season.

"I am a raving fan of WatchGameFilm. The recent updates have improved the functionality of the program and there is no better value for a film service. When you add in your willingness to give immediate responses and help, we could not be happier with what we are looking for in our partners! Thank you for all you do!"
Tim Quinn, Athena Athletic Warriors, Philadelphia PA

Have a technical issue, billing issue, general question or just want to say Hello?

It is the same email address and sms number for everything. Contact us by email or sms and hear back from a real person who knows how to resolve your problem.

Transfer Film from Hudl

WatchGameFilm can accept film transfers directly from Hudl. All you need is the Hudl download link of the film.

This is a quick and advantageous way to transfer film into your team as it does not require you to first download film from Hudl to your device and then upload it again to WatchGameFilm.

"The Hudl transfer worked really well. It was so easy to request a download link from other coaches in our league and then just copy and paste it into WGF. The film was ready to use in no time. Much easier than having to download it to my device and then upload it to a film program.
Joshua Jetton, Prairie Trail MS, Olathe KS


Exchange Film with Hudl Teams

WatchGameFilm provides a simple and open way of exchanging film with opponents who may be using a different film management system such as Hudl.

While most of our teams exchange film within the WatchGameFilm platform, we see many teams use Open Exchange when they get to the playoffs and are trading film with teams they normally do not know.

Open Exchange allows a coach to give another coach access to a film without requiring that coach to log on or use WatchGameFilm.

"The Hudl Transfer is absolutely awesome. It saves a ton of time and steps. The new link-loading feature has completely taken away the dread of trying to exchange film with a team that uses Hudl. Our program is one of the smallest in our state, and Hudl just isn't a feasible cost for us. WGF is beyond perfect for our needs and we really appreciate the low, affordable cost!"
Coach Sam Mullet, Bear Lake High School, MI


Let's Test the Waters

It cost you nothing to give us a try.

  1. Create a free WatchGameFilm team (10 films)
  2. Automatically transfer a couple of your Hudl films across the cloud without downloading / re-uploading.
  3. Exchange a couple films with another Hudl coach.
  4. Add your staff as users to get their input.
  5. Check out all of our features including ChalkTalk (telestration), breakdown, and more.
  6. Install our mobile app that records and simultaneously uploads your games and practices.
  7. Join the WatchGameFilm community!

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Still not sure after kicking the tires? Then use us as your film storage archive and lower your Hudl package to save your hard earned money.

Please contact to understand all of the ways we can help you save money and make the transition.