Chalk Talk Any Sport

Easily create and send coaching videos to anyone, anywhere.

Each Chalk Talk includes

The film you are watching
Your voiced comments added to the film
Your telestration on the film
Packaged into a single short coaching video that can be sent to anyone, anywhere!

Chalk Talk wraps your content into a short MP4 video that can then be sent to your audience for them to immediately watch and learn. No need to log into WatchGameFilm, find the film, go to the play, etc. just to see your comments!

Learn How to Use Chalk Talk Example 1 ~ 01:36 Example 2 ~ 01:57
"WatchGameFilm offers so many great features that can be custom fit to any team's needs, so we're excited for our coaching staffs – across programs – to start utilizing it."
Jon Butler, Executive Director, Pop Warner Little Scholars