Capturing Film

Unlimited Film. It is one of the main features of WatchGameFilm.

For unlimited film storage to be useful; you must be able to easily add film to your team.

WatchGameFilm has many options for handling film.

Gym Camera coming soon!

Never miss a second of practice or game film with our automated gym camera. Configure the gym camera remotely through the WatchGameFilm app and never spend another minute dealing with film.

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WatchGameFilm Mobile App

We are working hard to provide our WatchGameFilm community with a true mobile application for all sports.

Our mobile application is currently in beta and early adopters are invited to download and test our application while it is still in development.

Included in our release is a very useful record feature that allows you to use your device's camera and instantly record the action with the click of a button. The video is automatically transferred to WatchGameFilm and posted to your team. Your film will be online and available before you get home!

"I am a raving fan of WatchGameFilm. The recent updates have improved the functionality of the program and there is no better value for a film service. When you add in your willingness to give immediate responses and help, we could not be happier with what we are looking for in our partners! Thank you for all you do!"
Tim Quinn, Athena Athletic Warriors
Philadelphia PA

For iPad and iPhone devices, our beta application requires TestFlight. Please contact or text (425) 437-3777 if you would like to participate in our Early Adopter Program (no additional cost).

Film Transfers

One of the biggest hassles of managing film is the record and upload process. WatchGameFilm understands your practice and game film could reside in multiple locations.

Whether film exists on an iPad, is stored on Google drive or was created thru a video platform such as Pixxelot, NFHS Network, Hudl, YouTube, etc., WatchGameFilm can transfer video into your team without requiring your staff to download and re-upload the film to our servers.

Thank you WGF, I got my weekends back this fall!
Powers High School, Powers OR


Facemask Camera

The Facemask Camera provides coaches, players and fans with a unique view that no other camera can provide!

Our patented camera mounts behind the player's facemask and can be used in full contact play without damaging the camera or risking player safety.

Coaches: Gain invaluable insight into what players see on the field and how they think and react as plays unfold. Hi-Def video from the athlete's point of view allows coaches to analyze and teach every aspect of an athlete's on-field performance.

"The Facemask Camera is a game changer. It allows both the coach and player to breakdown how a play unfolds from the line and evaluate what they can do to improve. I have used it to coach QBs at both the middle school and high school levels for 7-7 and practice. It can be used with any position to see where the player's eyes are going during practice, help improve reading, even what they are focusing on during the huddle, and more.

I highly recommend using this for all positions, especially on defense. For example, LBs & Safeties: what they are reading before the play."
Coach Stone, Boylan High School, Rockford IL

Owners: Provide your fanbase with the ultimate game viewing experience of their favorite team and players. Fans now have a window into how the game is really played and what is required on the field from their favorite players.

Noteable customers include the University of Nebraska, Arizona State University, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Green Bay Packers.

Please contact or text (425) 437-3777 to learn more or purchase this exciting new technology.