Our open platform connecting customers to partner solutions.

WatchGameFilm Connect is an open platform developed for our XL product suite that allows our user community to access additional products and services provided by other vendors. By building this open platform and universal API, other companies and individuals are able to enhance our platform with their solutions.

Join our Connect program and offer your product or service to our community. Complete the form below to contact us and learn more about our program.



At WatchGameFilm, we believe in providing an open platform that allows our community to get the most out of our product. We do not want to create a closed environment where we are the only company to benefit from our solution.

We know that if we provide an open platform combined with a universal API, our product can be better by utilizing the solutions of other hardware/software vendors and service providers. An open WatchGameFilm platform is a win-win for both our user community and the sports technology vendors that support them.


WatchGameFilm Connect allows technology vendors and the community at large to add their solution to our platform and receive revenue for their products and services if our users want to purchase their product or service.

If you are a company or individual that is interested in providing your solution to our community, we would love to hear from you. Connect categories that your solution may help our community with are:

Tag-It! Service Individuals or companies that want to provide film break down services to WatchGameFilm teams.
Sideline Technology Provide video solutions that allow teams to film from the sideline
Hardware Technology Provide hardware solutions such as cameras, headsets, remotes, etc. that could integrate into our community
Software Technology Provide software solutions such as playbooks, communication, statistics to integrate into our community
Other If you have a solution that helps our community manage their team and compete, we want to hear from you


We created the Connect Program so that the community as a whole can benefit from vendors working on solutions together. This synergy leads to better solutions and more choices for our users.

Connect was designed with the community in mind. We did not create this program to generate additional revnue for ourselves. Connect allows you, the provider, to receive compensation directly from our community if they are using your solution.

To be part of our platform, Connect requires a nominal $200 annual developer fee and a voluntary donation to our scholarship program. WatchGameFilm wants to help athletes who do not receive athletic scholarships but still want to go to college.

$200 Annual Fee Fee covers the technical support and development fee for accessing our API and Connect platform
Scholarship Donation One time donation of any amount to our Scholarship program
Join ConnectInterested in generating revenue on our open platform?

Please contact us if you are interested in joining WatchGameFilm Connect (our open platform for vendors) or if you want to recommend a product/service that would be a good fit. We will send you additional information or follow up on your recommendation.