2XLStay competitive at half the cost
WatchGameFilm 2XL Preview Screenshot
WatchGameFilm 2XL (Preview)

WatchGameFilm 2XL offers football teams the best product for their dollar. The 2XL annual subscription price is only $500 per year or $200 per season. Includes exchange, telestration, multiple camera angles, highlights, play tagging, film breakdown, reports and statistics, playbooks, documents, photos and more.

Feature Comparison

Included Features:

Account Limitations Unlimited Film, Photos, Documents and Users
Sport Limitations Football
Video Quality 480p SD | 1080p HD
Film Exchange League Locker, League Exchange, Team Exchange, Open Exchange (exchange with Hudl teams)
Film Upload Upload multiple games at once using the web or encode first and transfer faster with our new desktop app
Telestration Draw circles, arrows, lines, text, freehand and more in different colors on top of your video
Camera Angles Upload and integrate multiple camera angles for a game and get a complete visual breakdown of every play
Playlists Filter your tags multiple ways and save the view as Playlists that can be shared with others on your team
Tag-It Break down and tag your video using detailed football data points giving you a complete game breakdown
Reports & Statistics Generate useful statistical analysis reports to determine strength and weaknesses for game day preparation
Highlights Create highlights for your team or indivual players and markup video to highlight what you want seen
Playbooks Create and manage your playbook and generate playscripts for practices, scrimmages, etc.
Management Communicate with team, create practice plans, game schedules, alerts and more from a centralized dashboard
Connect Access integrated services and third party offerings on our platform to get the most out of your experience
Mobile App Watch and exchange film using our new Android and iPhone apps (available July 2020)

Release Schedule:

Preview Early Adopers may preview the new 2XL platform in fall of 2019
Release The official planned release for 2XL is March 2020