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WatchGameFilm is the simple & affordable way for coaches, parents and players to watch, exchange and manage game film. Features include instant replay, slow motion, telestration, playlists, highlights, film cut-up, multiple camera angles and more.

We have been in the game film management industry since 2008 and we know video. We have managed over 100,000 users, 500,000 films, and 5 million video clips worldwide. Our community is loyal, and they appreciate our pricing structure that leaves them room in their budgets for other things such as sports equipment, facilities, uniforms, and other necessities.

During the last decade, WGF has focused on building a streaming platform that allows our film to work on all types of devices. We built a storage design that allows us to offer truly unlimited disk space for unlimited users.

We are now putting it all on the line to become a complete team solution. We are working hard to create the game film system thousands of coaches are rallying to have. Our new product line will begin to rollout in the coming months.

Our CommunityThe people making this effort a reality
Core Team : Design

A small group of prominent schools and industry leaders working together to build the perfect solution.

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Early Adopters : Feedback

Teams of all sports, locations and age groups working closely with our Core Team to meet their needs.

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Market Partners : Platform

Industry leaders and vendors integrating their products into our open platform to enhance user experience.

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