Checkout some of the best features that are part of!

ANY DEVICE: Watch film on a tablet or smartphone. Create Highlights, Share Clips, use Instant Replay, Slow Motion and more right from your mobile device!

DASHBOARD: When you log into, you are presented with a simple, straight-forward Dashboard that will direct you to where you want to go.

VIDEO PLAYER: All team members will like our organized approach to viewing Film. Simple layout with all of the tools you need right above the video player.

FILM EXCHANGE: Exchange Film in a multitude of ways using simple, straight-forward screens that guide you through the process step by step.

MY HIGHLIGHTS: Select your favorite plays and create your own Highlight Film that you can download or share on Social Media.

FILM UPLOAD: Improved Film Upload provides a faster, smoother and more stable upload. You can even remove sound from your film!

DOCUMENTS: Store your playbook and other team documents in one location. Create directories, organize and rename files and more.

PHOTOS: Parents love to take pictures and what better way to share them with everyone by having parents upload their work to your site.

MANAGE USERS: Easily manage team access and designate roles for each user. Even set users to Expire and they will automatically be removed.

TEAM REPORTS: See who is watching film on your team as well as when the latest Film Exchange occured by reviewing your Team Reports.