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We are building the right video solution for all teams at all levels of competition.

WatchGameFilm. The simple & affordable way to watch, exchange and manage game film.

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Live Demo. Access our read-only demonstration team of WatchGameFilm and see for yourself.

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Viewing & Telestration

Ease of use is paramount to productivity.
Our redesigned player includes instant replay, slow motion, play loop, rewind and more.

Our newly built XL platform includes video telestration and commenting features enabling you to convey clear coaching points to your staff and athletes.



Breakdown & Analysis

Your data, your rules.
Generate custom playlists, easily tag and sort plays for any sport.

Dive even deeper in football with in-depth playlists, analysis, reports and more.



Share & Exchange

You need multiple ways to share or trade film.
Whether you are part of a youth, high school or large adult amateur league; we can meet your needs.

Our XL platform offers many ways to exchange and share film with your friends, conference or even opponents using other film management systems.




Team Communication

Send one message to all members.
Our new XL platform includes the ability to message user groups, individual team members or even contacts outside of your team.

Now you can send a message to all coaches, athletes or parents with with a single click. It's a great way for coaches and administrators to get the word out fast.



Documents & Photos

Store more than just film.
WatchGameFilm goes one step further than film management and allows your team to store an assortment of documents and photos.

View photos uploaded by a team photographer or parent. Save your playbook, safety forms, call tree or other team documenta to a secure spot accessible to all on the team.




Usage Reports

See who's watchinf film.
WatchGameFilm also provides additional messaging, sharing and activity reports so that you can see how and who is using your online team.

Now you can quickly find out who has watched film when it is a coach or athlete. See who is sharing what videos from your team and more.



Create Highlights

Show your talent to the world.
WatchGameFilm is working to develop the ultimate highlight reel for athletes and teams.

Our XL platform will include a new Create Highlight tool this fall. Collegiate Sports Data is also a Connect Partner, offering free services to athletes, parents and coaches!



WatchGameFilm Connect

Team Planning

Let's get Organized.
WatchGameFilm Planner allows you to schedule everthing from team lifts, to player meetings, to practice plans and more.

Now parents, coaches, athletes and administrators have a common spot to see all of their team activities in a clear Outlook-styled organized way.



Power to Connect

Open platform = more choices.
WatchGameFilm Connect allows vendors and the community at large to add their solution to our platform and receive revenue for their products and services if our users want to purchase their product or service.

Our open Connect platform is a win-win for our user community and the sports technology vendors that support them.

WatchGameFilm Connect

Simple. Affordable.

Why are we so inexpensive?
Our mission is to help coaches and athletes succeed without forcing them to spend limited funds on overpriced software.

To be honest, we would rather see you invest in better sports equipment, coach education, health and safety standards, facilities, etc.

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